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CC&R Amendment Passes!

The CC&R amendment to Article VIII, Section 29 regarding removing and replacing trees in The Reserves has passed.  The ballots were opened October 18, 2017.  Notice of the results have been mailed to all homeowners.   The results were 325 approved, 14 disapproved and 3 did not mark a vote and were counted towards quorum.

Before any skyline tree removal or replacements can begin, the amendment must go through a formal filing process with the County of Orange.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

CC&R Amendment: Common Area Tree Removal/Replacement

At the meeting held Monday, October 4, 2017, it was announced that the balloting for the proposed amendment to the CC&Rs would be extended to Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at The Reserve Clubhouse at 6:30 p.m.

The Association has received 350 ballots from homeowners and plans to open the ballots.  At least sixty-seven percent (67%) of the owners must vote in favor of the proposed amendment for the amendment to pass (i.e., 281 of 419 owners).

Ballots will also be available at the Membership Meeting if you have not already voted and wish to cast your vote at the meeting.  Once your vote is cast, it is irrevocable.  The Inspector of Election may extend the deadline for receiving ballots.

The Board thanks you for your cooperation and support.  All members are welcome to attend.

Annual Meeting Results

The Annual Meeting of the Membership took place on June 7th and a new Board of Directors has been elected. The Board members are:

Eva O’Keefe – President
Cynthia Stauffer – Vice President
Tom Sestak – Treasurer
Frank Safavieh – Secretary
Andy Brotherton – Member at Large

Send in your vote on the CC&R Amendment!

At the beginning of April, a ballot was sent to all homeowners at The Reserve regarding a CC&R amendment. This amendment removes the old Article VIII, Section 29, Trees Installed by Declarant or Merchant Builder, and replaces is with a new Section 29, which specifies the steps for common area tree removal/replacement. The process in the new Section was arrived at after many meetings with the City and many hours of work by the Tree Committee, Monarch Environmental, and the Board of Directors.

A meeting was scheduled to be held on May 10 to count the ballots but a quorum was not achieved and the Inspector of Elections extended the date for receipt of ballots to June 7, 2017. A quorum was still not achieve and the deadline was again extended, to July 13th.

If you have not already sent in your ballot on the CC&R amendment, the Board urges you to send in a vote for approval. This amendment gives our HOA more freedom to manage landscape within our community, while meeting requirements of the Hillside Ordinance from the City. It is a win-win for everyone but must be passed by the membership.

If you have misplaced your ballot, contact management at (949) 450-0202 for a replacement.

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