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Landscape Maintenance and Slope Maps/Scheduling

There are some updates now available regarding the preliminary schedule for landscape maintenance and slope plantings. The maps and scheduling may be altered on an ongoing basis based on redefined priorities of the Landscape Committee.

Please click on the “documents” tab above and then click on “Landscaping Information”. It will prompt you to sign-in to your VIVO account.


As a reminder, The Reserve is 100% smoke-free in all recreational and common areas since June 2016.


  1. Smoking is prohibited in all recreational and common areas.

  2. Smoking shall include the inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of any lighted cigarette, cigar or other tobacco product, marijuana, illegal substance or e-cigarette.

  3. Smoking in the recreational and common areas shall be considered a “nuisance” under Article X, Section 7 of the CC&Rs.

Thank you for continuing to make The Reserve a safe and healthy community to live in!


To All Residents and Realtors,

Please review the following urgent reminders when servicing homes in The Reserve HOA Community:

  1. Please provide only the Realtor gate code to prospective buyers when it comes to open house visitation! To obtain the Realtor gate code, please contact the Community Manager at ssears@actionlife.com.
  2.  Realtors have been using signage that are not approved per the HOA rules. Regarding “open house” signs, there is a specific look, size and wording of signage allowed in the common areas. Regarding “for sale” signs, the rules and regulations stipulate specific signage wording and dimensions, as well. Please review the HOA rules regarding these specifics and note that Management has the right to remove non-approved signage that do not follow the specific requirements.
  3. Flags, banners and photos are NOT allowed.

New Community Manager – Action Management

My name is Scott Sears and I am the new Community Manager, as Agent with Action Management. I am here to assure you that you will be in good hands, moving forward, with myself actively  working for and with The Reserve Board Members and Unit Owners to enhance the environment and to protect the property values of your community.

My work ethic: no one property that I manage is any less important than another, no matter how big or small. I manage my communities as if I were an investing owner myself, putting myself in the shoes of the owners and Board members to properly move things in the right direction financially, structurally and aesthetically on behalf of the Association members. Action nor I will be a faceless managing agent working separately from the Board, but rather together as one caring team.

Feel free to contact Action Property Management anytime at 949-450-0202 or via email to the Community Care department at ccgeneral@actionlife.com (or if urgent) to ccpriority@actionlife.com. If you feel the need to write to me  for some direction or problem resolution, my email address is ssears@actionlife.com and I return all emails and calls within 1-2 business days.


Most Sincerely,

Scott Sears, CCAM, CMCA, AMS

Manager of Community Services

Action Property Management

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